Author Topic: 为什么选用SuperCollider 3?  (Read 2833 times)


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为什么选用SuperCollider 3?
« on: September 02, 2011, 04:51:47 PM »
作者:David Michael Cottle
节选自:<Computer Music with examples in SuperCollider 3>



它具备稳固的体系。它基于Music N语言和csound建立,并一直被来自世界各地的天才们开发和使用着。








It's inexpensive.

It has a solid genealogy. It is built on Music N languages and csound, is being developed and
used by collective international genius.

It's deep. I've toyed with the draw-a-sound programs. They're fun for about two days. You
won't get tired of the sounds or the labyrinth of tools available in SC.

There are easier synthesis packages, but for the amount of power available in SC3 it is
relatively easy to use.

Graphic user interface is optional. GUIs confine your creativity. SC, without an interface,
forces students to deal with fundamentals. Software and hardware synths with a slick
dial/knob/button skin, loaded up with presets may get you to interesting sounds quicker, but
in order to build a patch in SC you have to understand the basics of voltage control, scale and
offset, attack and decay, and so on.

It can do everything. Classic analog synthesis, AM, FM, PM, physical modeling, subtractive
synthesis, additive synthesis, wave table lookup, wave shaping, Markov chains, AI, MIDI,
classic concrète, real-time interactive concrète, total control, analysis, mutation, and on and
on and on.

It, or something like it, is the future.

Finally, just listen. Ten years ago I launched SC and hit command-r. I was immediately
hooked. It allows real time depth and complexity on any laptop computer.

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