Author Topic: 免费课程 Interactive 3D Graphics Course With Three.js & WebGL  (Read 5850 times)


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via udacity

由 Eric Haines 授课,他是实时图形学圣经 Real Time Rendering 的作者

By the end of this class you will know enough to make an animated 3D demo program that runs in a web browser, while also understanding the basic principles of how realistic computer images are generated.

You will also have a portfolio of small interactive programs that run in any web browser that supports WebGL.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Motivation and a trip down the graphics pipeline, laying out the fundamental processes

Lesson 2: Points, Vectors, and Meshes
The basics of 3D geometry definition

Lesson 3: Colors and Materials
Color representation, material computations, transparency

Lesson 4: Transforms
Translation, scale, rotate and how to properly combine all these

Lesson 5: Matrices
Transform representation and how to fully control these

Lesson 6: Lights and Cameras
Directional and point light sources, and how the camera is defined

Lesson 7: Textures and Reflections
Color and opacity textures, along with reflection and normal mapping

Lesson 8: Shader Programming
An introduction to programming vertex and pixel shaders

Lesson 9: Interaction and Animation
How to select and make objects move

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