Author Topic: 免费的 Processing 课程: Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps  (Read 4205 times)


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Course Syllabus
Week 1: Introduction: sonic painter
Week 2: Interactive D/VJ app
Week 3: Music player and sensor controlled visualiser
Week 4: Game with physical modelling and synthesis
Week 5: APIs accessing and processing social media data
Week 6: Music machine

What is Creative Computing?
Creative Computing is the creative use of computing technology, particularly the application of programming skills to creative areas such as music, visual arts and games.

What programming language will be used?
Processing, which is a dialect of Java that is one of the most popular programming languages among creative programmers.


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mobile APP是在android上麽


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感谢,虽然已经停课了但是还可以enrol, 从头来一遍补补我在这学期漏掉的内容