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All existence forms in macroscopic world, or what can be seen by our naked eyes, is actually the moving particles in microcosmic world. However, these particles can be divided into smaller ones, they also have their microcosmic worlds. Then again and again, there are infinite microcosmic worlds.
Modern scientists name particles in the extreme or most microcosmic worlds  “God particle”. The undividble minimum particle. Regarding this, I started to wonder that Is there interactions between these God particles in the extreme world?  What will they look like if I can visualize them.

This reminds me of a Chinese philosopher 2500 years ago, he said ”Everything starts from nothing”, “ Dao is the origin of everything” “Human beings are actually the same as environment” . This the mind of “Taiji”.

With these, I wonder that if the God particle and Dao is the same thing. And Taiji means all the dividable existence and a way, a mind to see the truth of this existed world and ourselves.

So I made this computer program to visualize the extreme form of this world. All the extreme or Taiji form of existence or “God particles” of human beings and environment around interact with each other in dynamical movements according to the activities human made.
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